Season of the Mammoth is an adventure story for KS2 readers. It offers teachers a way in to some challenging topics such as immigration, racism, peer pressure and climate change. At just 100 pages, it makes a great class or group reader for primary schools. Trouble is brewing in the tribe. The people are divided. Some want to go to war against the wanderers who travel to their valley every year to hunt mammoths, but others see that the wanderers are dying out and need help. Geb and Tannash, the son and daughter of the tribal leader, along with their strange friend, Scrim, are caught in the middle as the tribe splits apart and turns on itself. Can they – should they – help defend the wanderers? Season of the Mammoth is a short book for KS2 readers. At just 100 pages, it also makes a great choice for teachers looking for a guided reading or class reading book which can be completed in half a term. “Season of the Mammoth packs a lot of story and action into its one hundred pages. […] It's a great, pacy story, full of action and excitement, and plenty of heroism, but it also leads into wider themes that can be discussed in the context of modern life. There's the obvious parallel of prejudice and racism - what's wrong with the wanderers? Is different the same thing as bad? And immigration - should land and homes be shared with incomers? And climate change too - what happens when the ecology is shifting and resources are getting scarcer? How do we share equitably? Season of the Mammoth is a great book for confident readers coming into KS2. The story itself is engaging, entertaining and exciting and offers a vicarious peek into a long ago world. But it also provides a platform for constructive discussion about the big topics of today. One for the classroom or for parents and child to share. Recommended.” Amazon reader: “A most unusual subject yet a really compelling read. Once started I became engrossed in the power battle between the rivals. The characters come alive and the story builds to an exciting climax. Recommended for adults as well as children!” A US Amazon reader’s review: “This story is divided into ten parts plus, at the end, informative author’s notes. The reading is very appealing and captivating. This tale is aimed at children aged 9-12; it is a simple read that catches any young reader’s attention. It tells the story of a tribe in which people are divided in two; those who want to go to war against the wanderers and those who want to help them. Geb, Tannash and Scrim are caught in the middle of all this not knowing if helping the wanderers or not. The author used a third person narrator point of view, which is great to describe all the action of his work. I think this is perfect for children’s books. His writing style is very good; it is simple and easy to understand. All in all, this is a perfect read for children. My niece and nephew loved the story. I am sure I am reading more books from this author. Well deserved 5 stars go to Season of the Mammoth.”
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Season of the Mammoth
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Season of the Mammoth
Antony Wootten author | illustrator
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