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Author Visit Details: What I Can Offer

I have a number of activities designed to share with children the pleasure of writing stories. I want to convey the idea that writing is purely an extension of the processes of playing, daydreaming and using your imagination, which we all love to do, and is therefore something for everyone to enjoy. My activities, which are interactive and stimulating, illustrate this vividly. (Photo: Dunn Street Primary School, Jarrow)

Since one of my books is an anthology of limericks, I also have some activities to teach children the limerick form and support them in the writing of their own limericks.

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Summary of activities:

Depending on how much time I have with each class/group, a session can include:


In a 1 hour session (or thereabouts) I would generally do a Q&A session followed by one of those activities. If you'd like to put two classes together (if you have space) then perhaps each session could be twice as long, in which case I could do more. I'd need a whole morning or afternoon to do the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' activity. Feel free to pick the activities you like the sound of, or you could leave it to me to decide.

I always try to include a Q&A session, so children can ask about the processes of writing and publishing. These lively sessions always seem to encourage interesting and searching questions.

I will also briefly tell children about my books, and at the end of the day (or whenever suits you) I would like to sign and sell copies of my books. (I will give the school 20% of the total sales value.)

My Availability:

Currently, I usually do author visits on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. If you have a specific term in mind, please let me know and I will send you the dates which are still available.

Things to note:

Longer sessions are the most effective. Space permitting, if you have multiple classes for me to visit I am very happy for you to combine 2 classes so I can spend longer with them.

As my books are for KS2, it is not relevant for me to do workshops with the younger children, but I do enjoy popping in to introduce myself, and read a story for 15-20 minutes or so.

This probably goes without saying, but although I am an experienced teacher, I am not coming in as a supply teacher.


Before my visit:

1) Please send this draft letter home to parents; it tells them that I am coming in and that the children will be able to buy one of my books and have it signed. Please insert the correct date and any other details you’d like it to contain. Feel free to insert it into a school newsletter. (NB: Occasionally, schools have good reason not to tell parents about buying a book; perhaps parents have been asked for money for several other things recently. If that applies to you, I do understand, but please let me know ahead of time. Please keep in mind that book sales are in important part of my income, and they help me keep my costs down. Also, I’ll give the school 20% of the takings from book sales!)

2) Feel free to discuss with me any requirements for the day.

3) Please provide me with a timetable of the classes I will be visiting, and when I will be selling books.

After my visit:

1) I will leave with you an evaluation form in a reply-paid envelope. I’d be really grateful if you would complete it and pop it in the post.

2) Word-of-mouth recommendations are really important for me. If you feel the day was valuable, please tell colleagues in other schools!

3) If you’d like to buy any of my books for the school, please just let me know. I will give you 20% discount.

To find out more or book a visit, please email me at

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