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The Grubby Feather Gang


By Antony Wootten

The Grubby Feather Gang

“A well plotted novel about children living through tough times. A very entertaining read.” Jonny Zucker - children’s author

“Just finished reading this. Another great book Antony. Love your characters. Love the issues you chose to explore. Love how it flows. Will there be another?” Karen Langtree - children’s author

It is 1916, and George’s father refuses to go and fight in the trenches of World War 1. He is branded a coward, and George does not know what to think.

Worse still, the school bully hangs George upside-down from the hayloft, and the next day, George gets the cane! So, with a bit of help from Emma, a curious newcomer to the village, he decides to take daring and drastic revenge on both the bully and his teacher. But he could never have predicted what happens next…

The Grubby Feather Gang is the story of four friends helping each other cope with their parents’ problems.

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Achuka: If subsequent titles are as good as this, ACHUKA will be happy to help promote them. Read Achuka’s review - click here! The Grubby Feather Gang is a book to read and discuss - and the characters will stay with you for a long time after you've turned the final page.  Read’s 4 star review - click here!

The School Librarian Issue #64: There is much to think about in this strong narrative. In just one hundred pages of crisp prose and sharp observations we are invited to consider war and pacifism, cowardice and bravery, family tensions, conscription, bullying and friendship. That may sound rather heavy, but this story is warm, uplifting, and ultimately positive. Read the full review (WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS!) - Click here!

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