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And I Wish I’d Asked Why: a collection of short stories by David Hall (AKA Antony Wootten)

”eighteen amazingly compelling short stories”

Red City Review

£7 in paperback

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And I Wish I’d Asked Why

18 stories of modern life, packed with plot twists and dark themes. And I Wish I’d Asked Why features a variety of fascinating characters, from disaffected teenagers to war veterans, serial killers and hitmen, each struggling to deal with life in their own, unique way.

Please beware: this is not a book for children!

David Hall’s And I Wish I’d Asked Why is a collection of eighteen amazingly compelling short stories. Set in modern day England, these stories contain a hugely varied assortment of characters and personalities. Ranging from gay college students to aging war veterans and just about everything and everyone in between, these diverse characters draw you into their stories and urge you to understand, or at least consider, the complexities of their lives. Each character and story is so unique; however, as you read you also discover that sometimes the motives that keep us going (or potentially hold us back) can be the same. Perhaps, we may not all be as different as we once thought.

Hall’s writing is often dark and deeply cynical, but his use of details that another author might overlook makes his writing fascinating, engaging, and fresh. It is particularly interesting to consider that David Hall also writes children’s fiction under another name. Hall’s writing in And I Wished I’d Asked Why feels so comfortable and confident, that one would never guess he had pursued other audiences and writing styles. This is great news because if dark and sometimes twisted stories are not what you want to spend your afternoon reading, then Antony Wootten may have written something that the whole family will enjoy!