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I was a primary school teacher for 18 years. I taught in a number of different schools, including several in London and one in Canada. I was born in Berkshire in 1971, and now live in a tiny North Yorkshire village with my wife, Louise.

When not writing or visiting schools as an author, I now work for 2Simple, the educational software company. I have written a handful of books exclusively for their guided-reading resource, Serial Mash. These include Buster’s Blitz, The Lost Myth of Mathos, Serpents of the Nebula and Just The Beginning. I am writing more, and they will appear in Serial Mash some time in late 2018.

I grew up on a literary diet of Tolkien, Alan Garner and Susan Cooper, and spent countless hours lost in their fantasy worlds. As an adult, I have developed a fascination for history, both recent and ancient.

I also write for adults, using the pen-name David Hall. I published my first collection of short stories, And I Wish I’d Asked Why in 2014, and the title story was one of 5 finalists in the Tethered By Letters international short story competition.

I am a passionate scientific skeptic (yes, it is correct to spell it with a ‘k’ in this context!). Click here to find out more.

As well as writing, my other passion is painting (see Illustration).

Though hopelessly out of practice, I still like to consider myself an archer! Field Archery is the brand of archery I prefer. It doesn’t involve fields at all though. It involves trudging through woods and forests in all weathers, shooting at targets from all sorts of different distances, up and down hills, between trees, and, in my case, losing expensive arrows and failing to win any competitions. But what really matters is that it gives you tiny taste of what it might have been like to be a medieval hunter.

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