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The darkness of a cupboard; the loneliness of an affair; the horror of a shocking realisation; the beauty of solitude…

What’s that noise in the garden? Why does she look so nervous? What’s there to do around here? Why does this always happen to me?

A pig’s ear; a single stiletto; a stopped clock; a ghost?

An eclectic and vibrant melange of stories by the Grosmont Writers’ Group

RRP £6.50

Pauline Thompson: “I am not usually a short story reader but I couldn't put this little book of treasures down. At the end of each story I couldn't wait to find out what the next one would be. I found it very moving, some stories made me cry, some smile, some left me thinking about my world around me and others left my imagination reeling. Well done to all members of the Grosmont Writing Group, you are very talented people. This would make a wonderful gift for a special friend.”

Time Well Spent

A collection of short stories by

the Grosmont Writers’ Group

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