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Just to give you an idea of what to expect from my novels, I would say they are dramatic and often hard-hitting. I don’t pull any punches or hold back on detail and depth just because I’m writing for children. In fact, the only reason I call them ‘children’s’ books is that they have children as the main characters, but I believe they are just as likely to be enjoyed by adults. My limericks collection is a totally different kettle of fish though, of course!


Teachers, would you like me to visit your school? Click here for more information, or contact me on or 07719 814429.

I have written two short novels for Purple Mash, the fantastic online reading resource for primary schools by 2Simple. My first was Buster’s Blitz, and my second is The Lost Myth of Mathos.

Books for adults:

When writing for adults, rather than children, I write as David Hall. And I Wish I’d Asked Why is a collection of short stories for adults. Click here to find out more.

I run a writers’ group in Grosmont, and the group has recently published our first book, a vibrant and eclectic compilation of short stories, entitled Time Well Spent.

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