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Just to give you an idea of what to expect from my novels, I would say they are dramatic and often hard-hitting. I don’t pull any punches or hold back on detail and depth just because I’m writing for children. In fact, the only reason I call them ‘children’s’ books is that they have children as the main characters, but I believe they are just as likely to be enjoyed by adults. My limericks collection, There Was An Old Fellow From Skye, (also adult-friendly!) is a totally different kettle of fish though, of course!


Teachers, would you like me to visit your school? Click here for more information, or contact me on or 07719 814429.

I have written three short novels for Purple Mash, the fantastic online reading resource for primary schools by 2Simple: Buster’s Blitz, The Lost Myth of Mathos, and Serpents of the Nebula.

Books for adults:

When writing for adults rather than children, I write as David Hall. And I Wish I’d Asked Why is a collection of short stories for adults., and Gordon Medley’s Final Frontier is a comedy sci-fi novel. Find out more here.

David Hall HomeDavid Hall Home

I run a writers’ group in Grosmont, and we have now published two collections of our short stories, Time Well Spent and Wild and Penned. Find out more here.


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